New logo for Grand Hotel Bastiani

The completely new logo of the Bastiani Grand Hotel was inspired by the need to create an immediate link with Grosseto, so direct as to be meaningful at a first glance. For this reason one of the symbols present in the town emblem was chosen: the mural crown, which was subsequently re-interpreted in a minimalist key. 

The message is clear: the Bastiani is a hotel with an illustrious tradition, firmly rooted in the very history of its town, but at the same time it has the decisive willingness to be modern and up to date, and to demonstrate itself fit for the new challenges of the modern world. A strong concept, which we believe is well expressed by an imaginative, very recognisable logo. 

Red Carpet
Red Carpet
Red Carpet
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Grand Hotel Bastiani

Piazza Gioberti, 64
58100 Grosseto, Italia

Tel. +39 0564 20047 - Fax: +39 0564 29321